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Правила ведения охотничьего хозяйства и охоты

Списки редких и находящихся под угрозой исчезновения на территории Беларуси видов диких животных и дикорастущих растений, включенных в Красную книгу Республики Беларусь

Запреты на лов рыбы

Запреты на лов рыбы


Запреты на добычу, заготовку и (или) закупку рака длиннопалого (узкопалого) и личинок хирономид

Перечень сроков, способов и орудий охоты на отдельные виды охотничьих животных

Перечень сроков, способов и орудий охоты на отдельные виды охотничьих животных

Перечень рыболовных угодий, арендованных (переданных в пользование) для промыслового лова рыбы и организации платного любительского рыболовства (по состоянию на 15.10.2018 г.)

Перечень рыболовных угодий фонда запаса, на которых действуют ограничения по способам лова рыбы

Перечень водных объектов, переданных в аренду для рыбоводства (по состоянию на 15.10.2018 г.)

Перечень охотничьих угодий, на территории которых запрещается охота на гуся белолобого, гуся-гуменника, гуся серого, канадскую казарку, крякву, чирка-трескунка, чирка-свистунка, чернеть красноголовую, чернеть хохлатую в весенний сезон охоты

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Shot at a hare, but killed a person

Within the fortnight of November three accidents took place during hunting.

Hunting has its own rigid schedule. What is peculiar about November? November may be the most suitable month for hunting: one can hunt feather game, or one can hunt hare and other fur-bearing animals, one can also hunt hoofed animals in all legally accepted ways. However this year the first half of November was ill-fated for some hunters. Within the fortnight there were registered three accidents, which happened during hunting. Since the beginning of the year the grave statistics have raised to eight tragic events, which are linked to hunting.

The November tragic events started with the opening of the month of fur-bearing animals hunting, notably alpine hare, brown hare, marten, polecat, American mink, squirrel and weasel. According to the officers of the Logoysk District Office of Internal Affairs the dead body of a man, born 1978 was found out in the field near the village Ponizovje of Logoysk District during the night of November, 7. Forensic examination showed that there were 6 pieces of grapeshot (diameter 6.9 mm) in the body. It’s unknown yet who pulled the trigger, but taking into account the evidence a hunter may be liable. A criminal action has been initiated on the case by the Logoysk District Office of Internal Affairs and investigation activities are being conducted.

On November, 8 a worker (born in 1971) of the Agricultural Production Co-operative “Snitovo-Agro” shot with a pellet shotgun at a hare that ran to him during fur-bearing animals hunting in hunt lands of GLHU “Pinsky forestry”. However the shot didn’t hit a hare, it hit a forester of Pinsky forestry, who was picking mushrooms behind the bushes.

It’s good that the hunter didn’t leave the injured alone and delivered him to Ivanovsky Central Hospital with his own car. The wound was serious (the shot injured the chest, the right lumbar region, both thighs and the right crus), but not endangering life.

During the same day the officer of the Petrikovsky District Office of Internal Affairs informed the officers of the Gomel Region Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection about illegal hunting with a vehicle in Oktyabrsky District. State inspectors went there with the Head of the authorization system of Gomel Department of Internal Affairs. The information was proved: a group of hunters were doing fur-bearing animals hunting with a vehicle. While chasing a hare on a car “Uazik” (a car produced by Uralsky Atomobile plant), a shooter, who occupied the back seat, shot through the open window. It was the other hunter who was hit with the shot. The injured had severe bodily harm at the back of the head. He was delivered to hospital in Petrikov Town. Now he is unconscious. A case was initiated against the shooter on inflicting severe bodily harm through negligence.

The grave facts prove once again that handling a gun requires utmost caution and skill. Otherwise it’s impossible to correct mistakes.