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Запреты на лов рыбы


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Перечень сроков, способов и орудий охоты на отдельные виды охотничьих животных

Перечень рыболовных угодий, переданных в аренду для промыслового лова рыбы и организации платного любительского рыболовства или в безвозмездное пользование

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Don’t set a net for “harvests” of other people

Employees of the State Inspectorate considerably thinned out rows of “pond” poaches.

In recent years “Krasnaya Sloboda” fish farm of Soligorsk region obtained stable harvests from “the blue fields”. Annular volumes of fish production constitute at least two thousand tons. The current fishing season is successful, too. Plans exist of obtaining 2346 tons of fish and selling at least 1648 tons.

Fishermen of “Krasnaya Sloboda” did not dream about these volumes 10-15 years ago. Fishery was in low waters, catches were scanty and stolen by poachers. The fish farm management could not organize the proper guarding. As the result, 20-25% of carps were directed aside. Specialists say that poachers stole even more fish at other farms. The situation at the ponds considerably improved, when the state inspectorate was given the function of control of taking the proper measures by fishery organizations for provision of safety of the pond fish.

— We have normal partnership relations with Nesvizh and Soligorsk interregional inspectorates – the director of “Krasnaya Sloboda” fish farm Public Joint-Stock Company Alexander Mamchits says. — They are coming to help us at the required moment. We prompt to inspectors about loop-holes so that to get to ponds, we determine days and time, when inspection should be improved, and we organize joint inspections and so on. I would like to point out professionalism of the chief of Nesvizh interregional inspectorate Ivan Ivanovich Shukhno, who has headed the responsible and so necessary service for about 25 years. This person is notable for his serious approaches and honesty, he is guided by principles during arrests of violators and he is always tactful.

“Alba” fish farm of Nesvizh region is also under intent attention of of Ivan Ivanovich Shukhno and his subordinated employees.

— Formerly, the complete disorder took place here, especially during the first year of my work – the director of the fish farm Mikhail Trusevich says — Our ponds are located on open territories, they had poor guarding, and therefore, poachers raided day and night. Finally, they started to distribute ponds by spheres of influence. Unfortunately, the militia did not efficiently struggled against them. The order was restored by Nesvizh interregional inspectorate. It makes raids, performs control checks, it is present during fishing. Several cases of poaching were suppressed during the current autumn.

Once the attention of a team member on duty was attracted by a stranger, who made his way through the cane to ponds. He was stopped with “a spider” – a tackle prohibited for fishing. The fish and the tackle were seized, and the poacher, a resident of the regional centre Alexander Solovei was punished.

— When a fishing season begins, an access to the grown fish appears, — Ivan Shukhno shares his impressions. — During this period our inspectorate strengthens control measures. During only one month seven arrests were fixed at ponds. In the current autumn a group of poachers comprising five persons was arrested in “Krasnaya Sloboda” fish farm. 500 kg of fresh carps were returned to the farm from impudent people who used nets during a day and tried to load the fish into a truck in order to take it beyond the fish farm territory.

Sometimes poachers are so impudent that they appear in fish farms not once – they do not fear punishment, as they are responsible for a small theft. But when poaching takes place at a responsible pond, and in a big amount, one can get to a prison. As for fish farms, poachers escape by paying a small fine for the repeated illegal fishing. The inspectorate chief is sure that time has come to use stricter punishment for those who are poaching on ponds of fishing farms.

The ministry of agriculture and food should study this problem, and using the experience of the Decree of the President No. 581 it should resolve the problem of “fish” protection at ponds.

Krasnaya Sloboda – Nesvizh - Minsk

Material is prepared in association with journalists of the Narodnaya Gazeta.