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Правила ведения рыболовного хозяйства и рыболовства

Правила ведения охотничьего хозяйства и охоты

Списки редких и находящихся под угрозой исчезновения на территории Беларуси видов диких животных и дикорастущих растений, включенных в Красную книгу Республики Беларусь

Запреты на лов рыбы

Запреты на лов рыбы


Запреты на добычу, заготовку и (или) закупку рака длиннопалого (узкопалого) и личинок хирономид

Перечень сроков, способов и орудий охоты на отдельные виды охотничьих животных

Перечень сроков, способов и орудий охоты на отдельные виды охотничьих животных

Перечень рыболовных угодий, переданных в аренду для промыслового лова рыбы и организации платного любительского рыболовства или в безвозмездное пользование

Информацию о водных объектах, переданных в аренду для рыбоводства, следует запрашивать в местных исполнительных и распорядительных органах

Перечень рыболовных угодий фонда запаса, на которых действуют ограничения по способам лова рыбы

Перечень охотничьих угодий, на территории которых запрещается охота на гуся белолобого, гуся-гуменника, гуся серого, канадскую казарку, крякву, чирка-трескунка, чирка-свистунка, чернеть красноголовую, чернеть хохлатую в весенний сезон охоты

Положение о ежегодном творческом конкурсе на лучшее освещение в средствах массовой информации деятельности Государственной инспекции

Положение о деятельности общественных инспекторов

Мобильное приложение ЭТАЛОН-ONLINE

Commissioned for guarding

Presently, poaching is not of the mass character in our country. This is the evident result of the purpose-oriented state policy in the nature saving sphere of activities. And, of course, big success has been achieved by those who in accordance with their professional duties and personal positions of the principle guard the native nature from illegal infringements to its treasures.

We would like to remind you that on December 3, 1921 the Council of People’s Commissars of BSSR took a decision about establishment in Belarus of the first nature guarding service – the department of fishery and fishing under the People’s Commissariat of Lands. The young Soviet republic started resolving one of the most important tasks referring the protection and safety of natural resources. This nature saving body was repeatedly reformed, but the essence of its activity remained the same – to be always on the guard of nature. It played a big role in the struggle with violators of the nature saving legislation, and it made it possible to save rivers, lakes and forests, which are in our possession now.

Presently, this honored and responsible mission is still fulfilled by the State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus. It has its prehistory. At the meeting held on January 15, 2003 the head of the state emphasized the problem of using the fishery complex of the country. There are more than 200 thousand hectares of lakes, ponds, water reservoirs, 4.5 thousand km of rivers in the country, but these sources of the fish production were used extremely unsatisfactorily. On January 27, 2003 Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree, according to which the State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus was formed. The purpose oriented work fulfilled by the State Inspectorate during these years made it possible to drastically improve the situation on forest lands and at water projects of the country.

- We are working with the incremental result, - Mikhail ARESHKO, the Chief of the State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus pointed out during a talk with a “NG” correspondent. – During the current year 12 632 violations of the nature saving legislation have already been revealed, including 8 245 violations of the Rules of fishery and fishing, 925 violations of hunting, 1963 violations of the Rules of forests using, 325 cases of pond fish stealing. 325 criminal cases were initiated in accordance with the materials of the inspectorate. Fines in the amount of 2 billion 161 million rubles were imposed on violators of the nature saving legislation. The amount of 1 billion 809 million rubles was charged to them for compensation of the loss.

- Mikhail Adamovich, while suppressing the cases of poaching, state inspectors meet violators face-to-face and often subject themselves to danger.

- Poachers have now become more sensitive, they are armed to the teeth, and most inveterate of them show physical resistance to inspectors. There were cases, when our employees had to oppose to attackers with knives, some violators threatened to use fire arms and even shot inspectors. In Borisov region a poacher hit an inspector with a oar to the head. In Orsha region a bandit put a fishing net on an inspector and wanted to make short work of him. These examples are numerous.

- How does the State Inspectorate build its relations with other state bodies?

- According to our initiative joint measures are regularly taken the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Defense Ministry, the State Frontier Committee, The Ministry of Nature, the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, “BOOR” Republican State Association. Such interaction promotes working coordination of all interested bodies and organizations in the nature saving sphere. The joint activity is rather effective with prosecuting bodies for not allowing the evasion from responsibility of the persons who have committed illegal actions in the field of environment protection.

- But do ordinary people, who become witnesses of facts of poaching, render assistance to inspectors?

- Every fourth violation at water projects and in forests is revealed with the aid of the population. By using the opportunity I would like to express my great gratitude and thankfulness to law obedient citizens, who render us the essential aid in revealing and suppressing the facts of poaching by means of sending the messages to “the hot line”.

- Mikhail Adamovich, employees of “Narodnaya Gazeta”, its readers are sure that the traditions started far in 1921, when the first republican nature saving body was established, will be increased and filled with new contents. We wish new successes in your noble business to you and your glorious collective.

- Thank you! We’ll try to justify the trust.

Material is prepared in association with journalists of the Narodnaya Gazeta.