Human “Game”

Recently cases of safety rules violation leading to deaths and injuries have become more frequent during hunting.

Only during the first two weeks of July three accidents occurred during hunting, two of them were lethal. It should be noted that in all these cases hunting was illegal.

In the evening of July 6th, a 36 year-old resident of the city of Gomel was delivered to Rechitsa hospital with a gunshot wound. During preliminary investigation officials from the Rechitsa department of internal affairs found out that he was wounded by his friend. They illegally hunted in the forest near the station Yakimovka. The injured man was trying to direct animals towards his friend and came under the shot of his partner who was negligent with handling a hunting gun TOZ-25 of 16 caliber. The wounded was operated. Police officers are carrying out a check.
On the same evening one more accident was registered in the Lelchitsi district. During illegal hunting a resident of the urban-type settlement Lelchitsi shot from a single-barreled hunting rifle of the 16 caliber in the direction where he expected a game to appear but instead hit gamekeeper who died on the spot. The Prosecutor’s office of the Lelchitsi district opened a criminal case pursuant to Part 1, Article 144 of the Criminal code of Belarus.

Death was the result of game hunt on the hunting grounds of Soligorsk ROS RGOO “BOOR”. A stock-breeder of RAUE “State farm “Slutsk” shot at an obscure target and gravely wounded a forester of GLKHU “Starobinski forest farm”, riddling his chest with a shot. Having received information about the death of the employee of the forest farm, officers of an investigation operation group of the Soligorsk district of internal affairs and officials of the Soligorsk Inter-District Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection headed to the scene of the accident. Three rifles were seized belonging to the participants of this illegal hunting, two of them were not registered properly. The Prosecutor’s office of the Soligorsk district is considering the question of opening a criminal case pursuant to Part 1, Article 144 of the Criminal code of Belarus.

Regions responded quickly to these accidents. In particular, at Gomelschina where two cases were registered, officers of Preventive Directorate of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Gomel Region Executive Committee together with employees of the Gomel Region Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection held operational meeting. During it they took a decision to increase intensity of joint raids aimed at detecting violations related to the use of fire arms. Special task forces officers are also involved into these actions.

Two cars were stopped for checking – “Niva” and “Volkswagen-Passat” - during a joint raid of inspectors of the Gomel Region Inspectorate and Internal Affairs Directorate of the Gomel Region Executive Committee at hunting grounds of the GOLHU “Rechitsa forestry”. A game warden of the Rechitsa forestry, his son and a driver of the Directorate on field seismic prospecting NGDU “Rechitsaneft” were inside the cars. During examination of the vehicles three hunting rifles were discovered, including a short hunting rifle with ammunition, and a dressed wild boar. They didn’t have permits for killing the animal which proved that environmental legislation was violated. The Rechitsa internal affairs department is examining the question of opening a criminal case, pursuant to Part 2, Article 282 of the Criminal code of Belarus.