Water pool is not a source of easy money

Obviously, in the recent years the State Inspectorate, province and regional inspectorates made their work more active and put everything in order at many ponds. I go fishing to Kopyl, Cherven, Lepel and other regions and I watch how fishermen behave there. Mainly, they are decent – they use permitted tools for fishing in the allowed places by fulfilling the established rules.

I remember the scandalous situation of the beginning of 1990-ies on Mazha river in Kopyl region (this is my motherland) during the spawning. Hordes of people with forks exterminated spawning pikes! They were taken in bags from banks to home. There was no keeping them in check. It ended that pikes disappeared at all in Mazha and two mill-ponds near villages Kosmichi and Krasino. Only in the end of 1990-ies their number was restored.

Presently, inspectors of Nesvizh interregional inspectorate visit ponds near Timkovichi, and I should say, they inspire fear of local thieves, who try to turn rivers and pools to the source of easy gain. Unfortunately, covetousness has not been eliminate. Checking teams should oftener visit the rented ponds and inspect those to whom lakes and rivers were given for the use. The fish is often and barbarously exterminated there. Those “owners” are useless, they only bring losses.

Vladimir Moros, amateur fisherman.

Material is prepared in association with journalists of the Narodnaya Gazeta.