Dear sport-fishermen, hunters, game wardens, forest guards and ordinary dwellers of the blue-eyed Belarus!

Many of you offer through the mass media to establish a database on poaching sites at particular water reservoirs, water passages and forested areas.

The State Inspectorate thanks you for your assistance and supports these intentions. Information which enters our “Hotline” on a daily basis serves as a start in this noble undertaking. To this end we set up a new page “Information on poaching sites” where we post an appeal of the sport fisherman, Vasiliy Shaurko from the Polotsk town:

“I’m fed up with poachers, fed up indeed, cannot and don’t want to keep silence. Spring is coming soon. Everything will awake, revive, poachers will also get more active. And why don’t we give them a fitting rebuff? I have a small idea how to help inspectors. I offer to set up a database on particular water reservoirs. Only fishermen who know water reservoirs, all the paths and tussocks can help with this”.

Your messages you can send from our internet site through the section “Feedback” with the subject “Information on poaching sites”.