Beyond the Achievement

For effective work the State inspectorate on Wildlife protection has everything it needs. And it has results.

Yuri Jadobin, a recently appointed State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, his first visit in a new position made to the State Inspectorate on Wildlife protection under the President. There he took part in a board meeting devoted to the discussion of the performance of the State Inspectorate departments in the first half of 2008. The representatives of the General Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of Internal affairs, KGB and the Republican state-public organization “Belarusian society of hunters and fishermen” (RSPO “BSHF”) were also invited.

Yuri Jadobin, Mikhail Areshko

Before the meeting, the State Secretary got acquainted with equipment this Wildlife protection agency has at its disposal and with conditions state inspectors have to work in. The Inspectorate Chief, Mikhail Areshko informed Yuri Jadobin about the results achieved.

The introduction into the Inspectorate work was taking place both in offices where an open discussion with the staff occurred, and near the displayed equipment. Today the State Inspectorate departments have practically all the necessary equipment - ranging from binoculars, audio and video devices to boats with pretty powerful engines, vehicles, motorcycles and even ATVs and snowmobiles.

Despite the fact that now - five years after the State Inspectorate was established - there is considerably more order in hunting, forest and water resources management, there is no time for relaxation. It is not accidental that one of the requirements made by the State secretary was related to personnel qualifications: the state inspector is bound to regularly pass tests in physical and marksmanship training as well as in knowledge of the legal framework.

Analyzing the work carried out in the first six months, Deputy Chief of the State Inspectorate, Viktor Butranets, noted that a lot of attention was given to the completion of the formative stage of the State Inspectorate as a key element of the system of state control over Wildlife protection. Main efforts were aimed at implementation in full measure of the tasks related to establishing the order in wild game husbandry, fishery and forest management. These tasks were assigned to the State Inspectorate by the Head of State. The legal framework was developed which provided the State Inspectorate with a coordinating role.

Over the last six months 1184 inspections were conducted of wild game and fishery areas as well as of economic agents involved in wood procurement and harvesting of other flora reserves. 40 legal entities and 555 officials were brought to responsibility for violations of the environment protection legislation, 404 instructions were issued to eliminate systematic violations and faults, proposals were made to cancel two licenses issued to fishery farms and to suspend activities of seven economic agents for non compliance with the legislation on wild animals and fishery resources protection and management.

The State Inspectorate

Totally, during the six months, 8105 cases of violation of the environment protection legislation were detected, which is 21% higher as compared with the same period of 2007, the number of initiated criminal cases is 51% higher.

Issues of construction and reconstruction of buildings and facilities of regional and inter-district inspectorates as well as their technical support were also examined at the board meeting. Goals were set for the nearest future.

Yuri Jadobin concentrated the attention on the issues which demanded quick responses. The State Inspectorate doesn’t guard wild game, fishery or forest areas, it should exercise state control over how users of these areas - other organizations and agencies which are actually charged with the task – do it. In the second half of the year the control over implementation by renters of wild game and fishery areas of a package of environment protection measures - in particular, measures taken by fish breeding organizations to protect pond fish - will be improved. Special attention will be given to putting in order stock funds in wild game and fishery areas. The State Inspectorate is aimed at closer interaction with all state agencies and other organizations involved in environment protection.

Material is prepared in association with journalists of the Narodnaya Gazeta.