Speaking numbers

In the period of January-June 2008 the State Inspectorate on Wildlife protection under the President of the Republic of Belarus conducted more than 5360 environment protection raids, including 1,7 thousand together with environment protection, law-enforcement and other state agencies. Following the results of these raids 8105 violations of the environment protection legislation were detected.

Among them there are:
  • 5587 violations related to the Regulations on fishery facilities management and fishing. More than 8,1 thousand set nets with a total length of almost 400km, 17 electrical fishing rods and more than 2000 other items of fishing gear as well as more than 7460 kg of illegally caught fish were confiscated. 67 cases of pond fish theft were suppressed, 935 kilograms of stolen fish were retuned to fish breeding organizations;
  • 560 violations related to the Regulations on wild game husbandry management and hunting were detected. 242 poacher rifles (including 103 non-registered), 366 other pieces of hunting equipment as well as more than 3,3 thousand kilograms of illegally procured wild game meat were confiscated;
  • 1165 violations of the forest management regulations. 1384 cubic meters of illegally felled wood were detected;
  • 726 cases of other violations of environment protection legislation.
In the first half of the year, 278 materials were handed over to the investigating authorities. Criminal cases have already been launched on 212 of them. Fines in the amount of 1,2 billion rubles (approximately $563 thousand) were imposed on violators of the environment protection legislation, submitted amount of damages caused to the natural resources exceeded 1 billion rubles (approximately $469 thousand).